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Sophistication and grace are much revered qualities in men, which lend them the power to lead the world. This Fastrack Essentials watch is designed for men who love to wear their elegance on their sleeves. This analog timepiece for men is a great handiwork boasting of a simplistic design and astounding features. A trendy watch, fit for wearing on casual occasions, this Fastrack time wear complements your attire whether you attend the wedding of a co-worker or go out for a drink with friends. This battery powered wristwatch will never let you down when it comes to keeping time; the pace of timekeeping in this magnificent time wear is regulated by quartz crystal mechanism. Body and Design Unique and unorthodox design of this Fastrack analog watch makes it a coveted item worth collecting. The attractive colours gracing the round dial lend this men��s watch an aura of masculinity. The modernist craft and out-of-the-box patterns adorning the dial easily create a niche in the wearer’s heart. Be prepared to charm the members of the opposite sex at a party, courtesy of the deep shades of the index hour markers along the outline of the dial. The watch case is an exquisite piece of art. Made of aluminium, the watch case shimmers in an ethereal glaze that adds a tinge of glamour to this beautiful Fastrack analog watch for men. Possessing the unique property of resistance to corrosion, the aluminium case ensures the durability of this prized time wear. Also durable against wear and tear, the watch case makes sure that your precious timepiece has a long life span. To appeal to the masculine sensibilities of the wearer, this Fastrack watch comes endowed with a leather strap. With an interesting and colourful stitched pattern running along its centre, the strap keeps the wristwatch adhered to your hand, without causing any irritation to your skin. Functions and Other Features After successfully winning your heart with its classy looks, this Fastrack men’s analog watch will blow you off your mind courtesy of its efficient functionalities. If you are planning to go for a weekend expedition, this watch will prove to be your perfect companion. Water resistant up to a depth of 10 m, this wonderful timepiece will keep working even if splashed with water while you swim across a stream during your trip. A classic combination of poise and technical finesse, this Fastrack timepiece is a worthy collectible for the modern man.

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