Fastrack NG3022SL01C Bikers Watch – For Men




Do not hold back your imagination, let the creative juices flow; embark on the road to self discovery with this Fastrack Bikers watch, which will paint the blank canvas of your life with exciting colours. Regulated by electro-oscillations of a quartz crystal, this efficient time wear carries out the task of timekeeping with amazing brilliance. This trendy timepiece is analog in function, and will never fail to charm the wearer with its comfy features. The exotic time wear is crafted for men who have an innate affection for adventure, and those who hit the roads whenever they please to. Suitable for casual wear, this Fastrack watch will be your faithful companion as you set out on a weekend trip with friends, or enjoy the tranquillity of your city streets during a night long bike ride. Body and Design Brandishing a ragged look, this sporty time wear will appear attractive to any adventurous man. Gloating in its out-of-the-box craftsmanship, this manly timepiece amazes everyone with its innovative design. Creativity in the making of the contemporary dial distinguishes this coveted time wear from the multitude of other devices. Whether it is the triangle shaped case or the intriguing hour markers, this Fastrack men��s analog watch does not cease to leave you astounded by its grace. The use of contrasting colours in the dial lend this timepiece an unmatchable charm. Moreover, the snazzy patterns in the background of the dial further enhance the mystique spirit of this chic timepiece. This analog watch of the Bikers series comes endowed with a leather strap that gives this illustrious timepiece a touch of glamour. This broadband leather strap has stitched patterns all over, and complements the macho feel of this Fastrack watch. Fit to adorn your wrists as you explore the rough terrains of a hillock, this leather strap keeps your beloved watch firmly fixed to your hand even under stress. Functions and Other Features A great accessory for outdoor expeditions, this Fastrack Bikers watch for men is an invaluable addition to your luggage for a trekking trip that you wish to go over the weekend. Enjoy a swim across hilly streams, and indulge in the pleasures of snorkelling without causing any damage to your precious time wear. This watch is water resistant up to a depth of 50 m, and thus withstands splashes of water. Make this watch a part of your life and enjoy an exciting and thrilling experience.

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